Reasons to outsource your stability storage

Choosing to outsource your stability storage could not be simpler and the benefits to your organisation can be significant.

No need for extra space
By its very nature, stability storage takes up space. Much of the equipment needed has a large footprint because it has to be capable of accommodating bulk products. By outsourcing to us the need for large scale investment in extra space is eliminated.

Reduced costs with no capital outlay (CAPEX to OPEX)
With separate rooms needed to suit different environmental conditions, it is surprising how easy it is for costs to mount up. By outsourcing your storage needs to us there will be no capital outlay.

Facilities tailored to your requirements
Our storage facility can offer conditions specifically suited to your product. The choice of temperature for the storage of biological, medical and pharmaceutical materials is dependent upon the sample to be stored. With Roylance Scientific you can have your materials stored under controlled ICH and non-ICH conditions in our purpose-designed storage suite. This service will provide you with an extremely cost effective solution for controlled environmental storage at temperatures which could range from – 80ºC to +55ºC and relative humidities from 10% to 95%.

Fully cGMP compliant facility
Could you really afford to ignore requirements that could be pivotal to the success of your programme? Our cGMP compliant facility incorporates chambers and rooms that are built using state-of-the-art techniques and have been purposely designed and validated for pharmaceutical stability storage and biotech storage.

Full validation regularly carried out
Our storage facility has full regulatory compliance to guarantee the integrity of your samples. Regular validation, using the latest equipment, is undertaken so that you can be assured that the facility is fit for purpose, meets the highest standards of environmental control and includes built-in redundancy and emergency backup.

Samples stored safely and securely
We provide a management solution for short, medium, and long-term temperature controlled storage. It incorporates secure storage with real time tracking of your stored samples with all safety issues in strict accordance with the latest regulations. We have the staff and systems to offer foolproof biological and pharmaceutical storage.


We understand the value of your samples and the importance that they could bring in future studies.

Roylance Scientific prides itself on the technical expertise of its employees. We are not a manufacturer of chambers or validation engineers. We are scientists that fully understand the challenges of storage, the importance of compliance and security of full chain of custody amongst many other vital factors to your

Drug Stability Testing, Biorepository requirements, Cold Chain Management, Specimen Storage or other related requirements. Our procedures and comprehension of these processes makes us superior in every way to our competitors.


Outsourcing studies or projects be it large or small can offer very significant financial savings to organisations. Roylance Scientific is category specific and storage is our core competency. Due to this, we have a dedicated facility, team and logistical network that cater specifically to this area.

We can demonstrate to our clients the very significant savings that we can offer while they can maintain absolute control of their samples. We also offer dedicated state of the art equipment, facilities, monitoring systems and management systems that enables our clients to save money as well as maintaining the highest protocols and procedures available.

Roylance Scientific believes in a one price project which includes all service advantages that our organisation offers and this will be included in any project. This includes online access to you samples, logistical support, consultancy services and in many cases cold chain management with free pick-up and delivery.

Roylance Scientific’s pay for use model is designed to reduce total cost of storage by eliminating waste and unseen maintenance, service and security costs. With our transparent contract pricing enjoy total visibility of storage spend without incurring unexpected costs associated with facility and equipment management. Pay only for the space used in Roylance Scientific versus carrying the cost of maintaining in-house units regardless of usage.


Reaching through every part of our business, our Standard Operating Procedures are the foundation of our client service guarantee whilst maintaining compliance with regulatory agency requirements.

They also ensure our outsourced solution seamlessly integrates with your existing business needs. All of our SOPs are verified by our Quality Assurance Unit.


Enable your team to focus on activity not infrastructure, by putting storage in the hands of Roylance Scientific, you can concentrate on core activities that are central to your business.

Roylance Scientific’s sample management services seamlessly integrate with your existing sample storage systems. Optimise space and save on valuable potential production areas currently allocated for storage.


With Roylance Scientific there is no need to be locked into capital investment in storage facilities and infrastructure. By transferring long-term storage to Roylance Scientific you can optimise utilisation and ROI on existing stability infrastructure.

Access storage as and when you need it, so you eliminate common under or over capacity issues and ensure access to storage when required.


Roylance Scientific can provide a primary or contingency storage solution with the option of a disaster recovery capability if required. We invest in best in class technology which is fully validated, controlled and monitored. Our onsite management team are there to continuously monitor and ensure sample integrity.

Never too much nor too little; Roylance Scientific’s capacity can flex with your requirements making sure you have access storage that is just right.