Pharmaceutical, biological & disaster recovery storage solutions.
Roylance Scientific offers clients state of the art facilities.
Allows you to focus on core processes, reduce costs & access to experienced individuals.
Roylance Scientific's state of the art wireless mapping services.

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Roylance Scientific are the Stability Storage specialists, whether it is out-sourcing your sample storage, equipment, validation or a service contract
Roylance Scientific have you covered!


Roylance Scientific offers stability storage at all world climatic zones as well as any custom conditions that you might require.

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Roylance Scientific’s Validation service offers state of the art wireless mapping solutions. 

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Roylance Scientific’s service and maintenance solutions offers you the perfect solution for. 

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Roylance Scientifics state of the art environmental test chambers are designed to exceed the requirements set out by the ICH guidelines.

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Roylance Scientific approached the industry in a new and innovative way. They formed a team of specialists that fully understand the actual process involved in the storage of pharmaceutical and biological samples.

With their team having a combined experience of over 50 years specifically in stability storage services you can rest assured of your samples integrity at all times.

Having been able to build their processes from the ground up along side their state of the art facility, validation, SOP’s and quality systems Roylance Scientific know they can assist you with any stability storage requirements you may have.

When working with Roylance Scientific you can expect the highest standard of customer service, their client relationships are grounded on honesty, trust and integrity, a culture that is embodied by the whole team.


Roylance Scientific understands that their staff are their strength. So naturally everything they do is founded on this philosophy. The result is an approach to engage and grow with our staff, that  is truly unique amongst pharmaceutical services firms.

They operate a vibrant workspace that encourages discussion, collaboration and socialisation. You’ll be challenged to view things differently, work alongside and learn from the most experienced people in the business, having full access to the directors who are passionate about sharing their skills.

Roylance Scientific can offer flexibility on suitable projects to work where and when you are most effective. You will have to option of working part or full time – whatever works best for you and your situation.

Your career at Roylance Scientific will be developed through increased responsibility, mentoring and training. Your success will be rewarded with a highly competitive salary. If you are interested in joining the team at Roylance Scientific then contact below, they are always keen to hear from passionate and talented individuals.

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By choosing Roylance Scientific, clients not only get access to state of the art facility and equipment but also access to their staff, the corner stone of the business, who have a vast wealth of knowledge and experience in the pharmaceutical industry spanning over 50 years.

Clients know by choosing Roylance Scientific they are not just choosing a supplier but a business partner who works closely with them whilst their business needs evolve.



Roylance Scientific understand that when a company is considering outsourcing a particular segment of their business, it is usually to allow them to reduce/control costs, focus on priority, change CAPEX to OPEX and help manage risk and compliance amongst other things.

As the team at Roylance Scientific is built up of scientists, engineers, managers and industry specialists who have a combined knowledge of over 50 years in the pharmaceutical sector, you can rest assured your samples are in safe hands.



Roylance Scientific Ltd
Biohub at Mereside
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